Collaborate for Success

Find opportunities to invest your time and capital

Startup Founders

New Venture Labs offers tools to track the contributions of venture team members, allowing entrepreneurs to build a team of cofounders and collaborators and award equity in a systematic and transparent method.

Business Entrepreneurs

Build a team of professionals aligned with your vision and share business revenues in a systematic and transparent method. New Venture Labs enables talented individuls with an entrepreneurial spirit to find business ventures seeking their expertise and experience. Collaborator earnings are based on business success and align team members' interests with that of the venture.

Angel Investors

Find angel investment opportunities in startup ventures that align with your experience, expertise and interests.

Passive Financiers

Find opportunities to finance inventory for retailers and raw materials for product manufacturers.

Software Development and Technology Professionals

  • Application Developers
  • Website Developers
  • UX UI Designers
  • Graphics Designers
  • AI and ML Experts
  • Software Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Robotics Engineers

  • Consumer Product and Online Business Professionals

  • E-Commerce Professionals
  • Travel Experts
  • Product Designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Artists and Artisans
  • Marketing Experts
  • Copywriters and Editors
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Sourcing Professionals
  • Logistics Managers

  • Find startup ventures that align with your expertise and enjoy a share of equity based on your contributions.

    Find business ventures seeking your expertise and enjoy a share of revenues based on your contributions.

    Free Tools for Startup Ventures

    Business Model Canvas Builder

    Venture analysis framework that prepares entrepreneurs to prepare a solid pitch desk and communicate with investors

    Feature Ideation and Development Tracking

    Reach team consensus on MVP features to be developed
    Prioritize ongoing feature development based on user feedback
    Track development progress of each feature

    Task Assignment and Tracking

    Assign Tasks to team members and track progress

    Research and Analysis Tracker

    Collect and share product research with team members
    Create and share competitor analysis with team members

    Financial Services for Any Venture

    Revenue Allocation Management

    Coming Soon
    Merchant Services for all online receipts
    Track contributions of team members
    Track financier capital contributions
    Calculate disbursements for team and financiers
    Distribute funds to team and financiers

    Equity Allocation Calculator

    Coming Soon
    Track time and capital contributions of team members
    Calculate equity shares for team members based on actual contributions rather than time passed